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Roofing shingle quality and the FREE architectural upgrade

Not all roofs are created equally in the roofing game. The quality of your roof and its lifespan are linked together. Because of that, the type of roofing shingles are going to make a world of difference in its longevity and appearance. The insurance roof restoration experts at Greentek Roofing and Solar use only the best materials in their new roof installations.

Regular roofing shingles vs. Architectural shingles

  • Architectural shingles look better
    Three-tab shingles are plain and flat, while architectural roofing shingles can resemble premium roofing materials like slate or cedar.
  • Architectural shingles last longer
    The thickness of an architectural roofing shingle is about twice as thick as a three-tab shingle, which make them more durable against storm damage. In addition, they have less of a tendency to curl.
  • Architectural shingles can take a beating
    Regular three-tab roofing shingles are rated for up to 60 mph winds. Architectural roofing shingles can withstand up to 80-120 mph winds.
  • Architectural shingles have longer warranties
    Because of their durability, the manufacturers give the architectural shingles a 30 to 50 year warranty. The three-tab shingle warranty is only 20-25 years.

The FREE Architectural Upgrade

We realize that you, the homeowner, wants to protect their home investment with a sturdy roof. Using the best materials to start is the simple way to protect your roof from storm damage like wind and hail. However, the fact that the architectural shingles cost more actually adds value to your home. Our expert roof production teams have been putting on new roofs for many happy customers at Greentek.

Experienced in Insurance Restoration

First, we are experts at dealing with insurance companies. Our roofing consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about the best material and techniques to use in our production process. We can assist you in the claims process as much or as little as you like. However, our track record with insurance companies is amazing. We’ll get you the most coverage we can to improve your home. We are just starting another hurricane season and you need to be as prepared as possible.

In conclusion, please call our office in Brandon at (877) 389-0632 to set up an appointment. They will setup up an inspection with a damage consultant and let you know if you have any damage to your roof. Unseen issues might cause problems for you in the future.


“GreenTek was awesome to work with. My rep James was easy to get in contact with and answered all my questions and made the process quick and smooth. The roof came out great and everything was finished on time and they handled everything with my insurance company so I didn’t have to. It made the process stress free for me.”

-Dylan O.

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