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Roof installation – don’t DIY

Roof installation that involves the whole system can be a strenuous task. Furthermore, it also ought to not be attempted if you do not know what you are doing. It is essential to make sure that have adequate roofing prep work prior to installing roofing system shingles. An improperly prepared roofing system can swiftly result in unwanted holes. Additionally, it can cause splits that will certainly lead to a leaking roof. Obviously the initial part of your roof preparation before installing roofing tiles is to remove the old or damaged tiles that you are changing. While it is feasible to leave these on if they show any damage or use you must change them whenever feasible. The experts at Greentek Roofing and Solar will make sure your roof is installed correctly. If you’re still curious though, here’s some of the pieces of that puzzle.

Secure the roofing system boards

If you are using the very same roofing system boards without changing them you really need to inspect each one to make certain none of them require changing. See to it they are all secured. This will protect against any type of damages to the lining or to the shingles. You additionally need to make sure there is no debris lying around. Because this also can cause damage to your new roof. Make certain no nails or other things are extending out of the roofing.

Mounting the drip edge.

Mount the drip edge around the eave ends of the roof. Be sure to make use of galvanized nails so that they don’t rust in the rainfall. When including the drip edge to the top of the roof install similarly but this must curtain over the rest of the drip side to be effective. If you require to make any kind of joints because the length of drip side is not long enough to fit down the entire size of the eave then straightforward overlap both items as well as flex the light weight aluminum right into place.

Ice and water guard.

You ought to consider taking down a layer of ice as well as water shield. Some states require that you utilize this and have established ranges that the shield have to be from the wall. It is excellent stuff and also extremely sticky so place it down where you want it to go before getting rid of the support paper. Once it’s stuck there is no chance of removing it.

Ice and a water guard will certainly cost you a reasonable amount at around $50 per square foot. However, the task it does is indispensable as well as an important step when you are completing your roofing system preparation prior to mounting roof covering shingles. Cover any type of large knot openings with light weight aluminum blinking or a similar material and hammer these down (you may wish to utilize a hammer tacker or nail weapon to make this step a little quicker as well as less complicated).

Adding the layer of felt.

Overlap your felt by a few inches and entirely cover one side of the roofing system. To set up a roof covering vent at this point you ought to reduce a tiny part of the roof covering on either side of the peak basically the entire size of the roofing system. Currently cover the remaining side of the roofing system with felt. You should also cover over the roofing vent hole you have created. This will be reduced later on. You have now completed the roofing prep work before mounting roofing shingles and also are ready to apply the shingles your roof.

At Greeentek Property Solutions, we want to make sure that your roof installation is done right. Therefore, just call us and have us estimate any damages you might have. You can get in touch with us by phone at (877) 389-0632. Another way you can send us an email is by using this contact form.


“GreenTek was awesome to work with. My rep James was easy to get in contact with and answered all my questions and made the process quick and smooth. The roof came out great and everything was finished on time and they handled everything with my insurance company so I didn’t have to. It made the process stress free for me.”

-Dylan O.

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