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Insurance roof restoration…what they don’t want you to know

When it comes to insurance roof restoration, there are a lot of naysayers that have written various articles. These articles usually have the same tone. They will say “insurance roof restoration is just a scam” or “insurance roofers are just a bunch of crooks”. The scam factor is real no matter what kind of business you have. There will always be people who will try to just take your money and run. You can’t avoid them, but you can learn about the truth behind the lies. We’ve worked with insurance companies for years and have heard it all. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can expect when one of our experts comes knocking on your door.

Insurance Roof Restoration – from the insurance company’s perspective

The insurance company wants to hang onto their money. Therefore, they won’t be willing to cover everything you might need to have repaired. It is for this reason that they usually don’t want the roofing consultant to get involved. Furthermore, the insurance companies have probably been burned before by unscrupulous roofing companies.

The difference between us and the scam artists

We want you, the homeowner, to be as informed as possible. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • You get a better quality roof since we give you a free architectural shingle upgrade
  • We get the insurance company to pay “Fair Market Value
  • Insurance company doesn’t want to pay for certain things that you actually need
  • They will try to say certain damage is not covered
  • 7 out of 10 times they will try to pay you less than Fair Market Value
  • We are the advocate for the homeowner

In conclusion, some good advice to take is to make sure that the roofing company has been in business for many years. In the case of Pebblestone Construction in partnership with Greentek, they have over 20 years in the business. Also, it is always a good sign to have a local company do the work. Some scam artists will drive to another state and try to take your money. We are the solution to this problem. Call us today at (877) 389-0632 or use our contact form to get in touch and set an appointment with one of our insurance roof restoration specialists.


“GreenTek was awesome to work with. My rep James was easy to get in contact with and answered all my questions and made the process quick and smooth. The roof came out great and everything was finished on time and they handled everything with my insurance company so I didn’t have to. It made the process stress free for me.”

-Dylan O.

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